Health Care and the Road to the Presidency in 2012: The JAMA Forum

Austin and I wanted to share some exciting news about our new relationship with JAMA:

JAMA’s coverage of the 2012 US presidential campaign launched on January 25 with a blog posting by Aaron E. Carroll and Austin Frakt, who commented on President Obama’s State of the Union Address and the Republican Party’s response [link].  To provide ongoing coverage throughout this election year, we have assembled a team of leading scholars, including health economists, health policy experts, and legal scholars, to provide insight about the political aspects  of health care.   Many of the names will be familiar: Andrew Bindman, Stuart Butler, David Cutler, Larry Gostin, Larry Levitt, Diana J. Mason, Mark D. Smith, and Gail Wilensky in addition to Aaron E. Carroll and Austin Frakt.  Periodically, these commentators will be joined by JAMA editorial board members, such as Uwe Reinhardt.

First of all, we’re thrilled that a Journal like JAMA is expanding its reach into the realms of policy discussion and blogging. Even better, we’re honored to have been asked to be a part of it. Over the next ten months, you can expect to see posts from us over at the JAMA Forum, as the Presidential campaign gains steam. Although we’ll notify you here, and on Twitter when such posts appear, we encourage you to start following the blog (or the RSS feed) there so that you don’t miss any posts.

Coverage will continue here at TIE, as well, but we are excited for the opportunity to engage with the other experts in the group, as well as gain exposure to a new group of readers. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this, and we hope you’ll help to make it a success.


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