• Harold Pollack: Health Reform Media Coverage Best Ever

    Harold Pollack writes, “Press coverage of health care reform was the most careful, most thorough, and most effective reporting of any major story, ever.” (Italics his.) Then he goes on to make the case, linking to many excellent sources of news and information on health reform and the new law. Whether you agree with him or not, if you’re looking for information on the topic, read his post and follow the links.

    • As badly as it started out, especially with the death panels, I believe he is correct. If you wanted to find the information, most of the time you could. He should have also mentioned Gawande, Leonhardt and Rheinhardt (sp?). They did amazingly good stuff.. Klein may have been the best internet writer for general info. Even the conservative writers were using him as an info source.

      What puzzled me, was the relative lack of writings in this area by right of center health care people. You got a lot written by the political writers on the right, and by general economists, people like Kling, Cowen, Caplan, Hennessey, but, and maybe I just missed it, little from right of center people who have health care as a primary interest.