Goin’ on Sabbatical

A bit of bookkeeping.

I’m proud to contribute to TIE–no issues or complaints of any kind. But to be a baller here, you’ve really got to bring your “A” game.  The rest of my life isn’t positioning me to consistently do that at the Austin/Aaron/Adrianna/Bill/Kevin/et al level that TIE readers deserve. So I’m taking a sabbatical.

Like many academics on sabbatical, I may drop in on the occasional meeting to offer unsolicited advice.  You’ll still see me on the internets in various ways, mainly to further my book project and my efforts to show human faces affected by disability and health policy. Austin and I have some TIE-U ideas for my teaching, too.

My TIE colleagues have assembled one of the best health policy sites around.  So stay tuned.  I certainly will.


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