• Go read these

    Some days it seems like I should be paid to blog full time. I’m not, so I can’t spend as much time explaining health policy as I’d like. Today is one of those days, with way more about which I’d like to write on this blog than I can. But, I can do the next best thing, which is to point you toward stuff you should read.

    One of them is my latest piece on the JAMA Forum. It’s a look at the opportunities for Medicare reform in the year ahead, and why we should proceed cautiously. I thank you in advance for clicking through, reading (or not), and sharing. (You’ve got an online social network, right? Send out the link!)

    The other two things you should read are not by me. They’re two summaries of the Health Care Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction Act of 2012, the bill introduced in the Massachusetts House of Representatives last Friday, about which I blogged twice already today (here and here). These summaries come to me by way of Representative Steve Walsh. One is a summary of consumer-focused provisions. The other is a  summary of payment reforms. There is some overlap between the two. The full bill is here.


    • I dont see anything happening on Medicare until after the election. I dont see much happening for a while after that either. An Obama win will lead to more stagnation. A GOP win and they will roll back Ryan’s plan which is mostly to aimed at garnering votes. Once people realize how much his plan will place the costs on seniors, while not addressing increasing costs, it will become very unpopular.