Go read Don Taylor on scoring the Patient CARE Act

Don’s summary is here, and I’m grateful for it. He links to the details, which I have not read. One important bit, among many:

So, this score says that PCARE will achieve similar levels of insurance coverage as the ACA by 2023, and will result in a reduction of the federal budget as compared to the ACA, primarily by shifting people into narrow network private insurance plans, and increasing taxes of persons with generous employer sponsored health insurance. It doesn’t analyze the generosity of benefits covered (at least that I can tell, but they had to make assumptions), nor does it identify the impact on out of pocket costs that will result in these coverage levels; these are important items to understand, especially given that there are no proposals about transitioning to different models of care and the like.

Don’s post ends with a bit of political analysis that is worth a look and consideration.

UPDATE: Don’s follow-up is here, and also worth reading.


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