Getting the Little Things Right

A reader sent a link to a cute, short NY Times article in which Verlyn Klinkenborg explains the right way to tie one’s shoes (see for yourself, if you really care) and the safest way to set one’s car’s side view mirrors (you really should learn how to do this, for my safety if not your own).

Perhaps the reader knew that I had been tying my shoes incorrectly for decades, but likely didn’t know I’d been positioning vehicle side view mirrors in the proper, blind-spot-avoiding way for years. I’ll also note that the Klinkenborg article had no effect on my shoe tying habits. I’m not motivated to change habits that are harmless. My shoes stay tied longer than I’d like as it is.

Some little things are more important than others. Take the apostrophe, for instance, … oh, but that’s another post, isn’t it?

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