Friday throw-away post

It’s Friday, the first week back after a break (for me). I’ve spent the week catching up, beating back the usual unproductive demands for my time, and making some progress on actual work. To top it off, I’m getting my third cold of the season. (This is very rare for me. One cold, at most, is typical.) I’m tired.

Given all that, I think a bit of Friday fun is warranted. What’s fun for me may not be for you. Take this, for instance: for some reason, I just love it when Krugman grumbles and groans about comments on his blog. He vents quite regularly about it, and I adore every such post. Here’s today’s.

I could go into the psychology of why I enjoy Krugman on blog comments so much. But I don’t feel like it. I just do. He’s my goto guy in this area. Are there other bloggers who can rant about comments better than Krugman? I want to know!

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