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There are many good personal finance e-books available. Two made recently available are written by bloggers I like and trust. I encourage everyone interested in sound and simple investing to download these books and distribute them widely (or simply share this post). But act quickly because these books may not be available for free for long. One of them is scheduled to disappear next week.

Investing Made Simple. Mike Piper, host of The Oblivious Investor, has made his book Investing Made Simple available electronically until 10/1/2009.

As a courtesy I asked Mike what he’d like me to do with my electronic copy after 10/1/2009. Should I share it or just keep it to myself? I expected him to ask me not to share it and to refer people to or his site so they would pay for his book. To my surprise, however, he was fine with the idea of sending people the electronic version for which he is not compensated. He wrote,

[H]elping Mike earn six bucks can’t compete with the importance of helping an investor avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars in pointless mutual fund fees over his or her lifetime.

Mike is a good guy! I hope he earns a lot of money on his books because he deserves it.

Roth IRAs. Blogger J.D. Roth, host of Get Rich Slowly (GRS), has posted his e-book Roth IRAs: The Get Rich Slowly Guide to Roth IRAs. By some measures GRS is the most popular personal finance website. From what I’ve read so far J.D. Roth and other GRS contributors provide sound advice, and I feel comfortable recommending their work to others.

J.D. has done the community a service by posting a summary of many other personal finance e-books, some available with no strings whatsoever and some requiring a small payment or a (free) subscription sign-up.

Happy reading.

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