Follow-up to our email subscribers

You’d like to think that in 2024 it would not be hard to have a blog (which is, what, a 1990s technology?) that sends out emails (which is, what, a 1980s technology?). But, alas, it seems hard, and not all TIE posts are getting to email subscribers. Service may be spotty for a while.

So, here’s my suggestion: If you love TIE and have heretofore relied on our emails, make a habit to also check the site from time to time, perhaps once a week or so. Glance over the homepage to see if you missed anything of interest to you. Shouldn’t take long, but it’s up to you. I won’t bother you again about it. (I am very sorry for the inconvenience.)

Here, for example, is one post — a rare and very personal one by me — I know that did not go out by email. But I am sure there will be others that fail to do so until the Silicon Valley geniuses work how to reliably marry blogs to email. I figure that’ll be in 2055 or so.

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