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I wasn’t going to write about my own Facebook-related experience this weekend, but then I saw two Facebook items in the news today, one related to health:

  • Doctors warn of “Facebook depression”: “With in-your-face friends’ tallies, status updates, and photos of happy-looking people having great times, Facebook pages can make some children feel even worse if they think they do not measure up.”
  • Gibbs to Facebook?: “Facebook is trying to court former Obama aide Robert Gibbs to a senior communications role. […] ‘A job for Mr. Gibbs at Facebook could be worth millions of dollars. […] Facebook is being valued by some investors at more than $60 billion and could be the largest offering in history.'”

Big money related to a somewhat addictive activity that is potentially harmful to children. Yeah, they could use some help from Gibbs.

Anyway, I finally saw “The Social Network” this weekend. (Yes, I am that far behind popular culture. Further, actually.) My two thoughts about it are:

  1. Nice job with Mark Zuckerberg’s geek (nerd?) persona. I have no idea what he’s really like. But as a personality type, they had the geek/nerd nailed. I know from experience.
  2. Nice job with the lawyers. In most movies I’ve seen that are told through the frame of a legal dispute, the lawyers get in the way. Tension is built through the legal maneuvers, objections, and disputes. It’s cliché. Not so in The Social Network. The lawyers really got out of the way. They seemed to be enjoying their clients’ antics, which was refreshing. Did the film nail the lawyer persona too? I have no idea.

That’s more then enough on Facebook for one day, let alone a month.

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