Explaining Research – Here we go

I’ve been sitting at an out-of-town meeting all day.  It’s part of my job, though I actually complain about it quite a bit.  I’ve never had a long attention span, and the idea of sitting around listening to other people talk never appeals to me.

There are times, however, when I hear a really good presentation, one that relies on evidence and data and constructs a well-supported argument.  It’s what I hope to achieve here. I want to explain to you why my hypothesis or statement is correct, and supported by good evidence, in such a way that I persuade you to think about what you believe.  Perhaps I will get you to change your mind; perhaps I will help you to strengthen the foundation of your beliefs.

I haven’t been playing to my strengths enough.  I should be bringing you more original work, more original research.  I’m going to commit to try and bring you posts, hopefully every day, highlighting a certain paper, study, or analysis.  I will try and explain what the authors did, and what I think about the quality of their work.

I welcome feedback on this.  Tell me what I’m doing right and wrong.  More importantly, feel free to send me work you think deserves highlighting or explanation.  I will endeavor to get as much as possible on the site.

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