Encouraging News on Health Reform

This, from Igor Volsky, is the best news on health reform I’ve heard since the MA special election. Aside from the bit in the middle of the piece about Hoyer mentioning the possibility of stripping the bill down for parts (excluded in my quote below), it is consistent with other things I’ve heard today.

Reports are suggesting that Senate and House negotiators are rallying behind a strategy that would require the House to pass the Senate health care bill alongside a reconciliation package of fixes that would improve the bill and satisfy progressive lawmakers.  …

Meanwhile, TPMDC is reporting that “House and Senate leaders will huddle today at 4 p.m., House Democratic leadership will meet at 5 p.m. and then House leadership will hold a caucus meeting with rank-and-file members at 7 p.m.” to “get a sense of where members stand after spending three days sounding out constituents.” …

“The overwhelming majority of our caucus wants to pass a health care bill,” the aide told TPMDC. “They can’t make a decision yet because they are still trying to work through the parliamentary procedures that are at our disposal.”

If you read the whole thing you can find bits that are less encouraging. But I think all that talk about exploring all options and so forth is nonsense in practical terms. There really is only one option and on the whole this report appears to be a sign that Democrats are discovering that fact. I think those in favor of health reform should view this as very encouraging news. More consistent doses of this for a while would be nice.

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