• Dr. Seuss’s health care econ lesson

    In case you haven’t seen it yet. It’s cute.

    LATER: Sigh. Embedding a Vimeo video always messes up our RSS feed. I had to yank it. You’ll find it here: Oh The Jobs (Debt?) You’ll Create!

    • Our local community hospital (local population catchment area about 25,000) hoodwinked the locals into voting a bond issue of $80 million for a cancer treatment center which has a business proposition of attracting people to a “destination cancer treatment resort”. They will offer state of the art telemedicine (since no real qualified cancer specialist would move to such a small town). They are expecting people to travel to this small town for diagnosis and treatment (in order to get there they would have to drive from or through one of three large cities which each have their own much better staffed and equipped cancer treatment centers).
      The boondoggle is unfolding as we speak.

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