Don’t forget the t-shirt!

I forgot one thing in my round-up of the self-promotional. This really isn’t about me, though I’ll try my best to work me into it. 🙂

Harold Pollack sent me a smart University of Chicago t-shirt. It’s either a late holiday gift (very late if it was for Hanukkah, not so late if for Christmas, and nearly right on if it was for my birthday), or an early thank-you for the talk I plan to give at his esteemed institution in the spring.

Anyway, the t-shirt is too smart for me to wear. I don’t do it justice. So, instead, I gathered up all of the smartest things in my office and piled them on top of the garment, you know, to pin it down and keep its vast braininess from smacking me around. Here’s the pic:

Gotta admit, it’s a damn fine t-shirt. Brains as big as the Earth. Wow! The lightest object captured above may be my PhD thesis. But I loaded it up with Mostly Harmless Econometrics, which has enough intellectual/mathy-nerdy firepower to pin down a whole University of Chicago suit of armor, if they make such a thing.

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