Do you want one of the best jobs in the world?

Are you an accomplished pediatrics researcher, well-established in her or his career, who has considerable experience leading researchers and research teams and executing programmatic initiatives? Do you have a commitment to policy-relevant research, and are you energized by the possibilities of cultivating and sustaining productive relationships with faculty and staff, external research collaborators, funders, operational partners, and other key stakeholders? Do you have an interest in pediatric health services, informatics, patient-centered outcomes research, comparative effectiveness research, and translational research, including organizing and financing of care, clinical evaluation and outcomes research, monitoring and accountability, clinical decision making, populations and communities, artificial intelligence, data science and analytics and provider and consumer behavior?

Would you like the best job in the world?

Ok, clearly, I’m biased, but here in the Department of Pediatrics, at Indiana University School of Medicine, we’re looking for someone with vision, thought leadership, intellectual curiosity, integrity, excellence, and research expertise to start as the Associate Director for two key divisions – Children’s Health Services Research and the Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Comparative Effectiveness Research – help merge them, and then take over as Director.

My first job was in CHSR, and I later founded and became Director of PACER. The current director of CHSR (Sarah Wiehe) and I want to do a planned transition/merger of these very successful groups, helping to hand over leadership to the new AD->D while we step back and focus on new roles (Sarah co-runs our CTSI, and in addition to other jobs, I’m now Chief Health Officer for IU).

I can’t stress enough that you’d be taking over two groups that are extremely successful in their own rights. The merged group will be a powerhouse. The Department of Pediatrics couldn’t be in better shape. This position, and the center, would be extremely well resourced and set up for success.

Here is the official job posting. We are looking for someone in the Associate/Full Professor range, and although it should go without saying, I’ll say it anyway:

As the nation’s largest medical school, IUSM is committed to being an institution that not only reflects the diversity of the learners we teach and the patient populations we serve, but also pursues the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion that inform academic excellence. We desire candidates who enhance our representational diversity, as well as those whose work contributes to equitable and inclusive learning and working environments for our students, staff, and faculty. IUSM strives to take an anti-racist stance, regularly evaluating and updating its policies, procedures, and practices to confer equitable opportunities for contribution and advancement for all members of our community. We invite individuals who will join us in our mission to advance racial equity to transform health and wellbeing for all throughout the state of Indiana.

When I moved to Indiana 18 years ago, I had never lived in the midwest. I thought I’d be here five years and leave. I’m still here – many years later – largely because this is just the absolute best place to work. This job will be one of the best there. You’d be foolish not to consider it!

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