Do I really have to do the hokey pokey?

Yesterday was kind of busy and serious on the blog with a lot of good posts (go back and look if you missed them). I’ll start today off with something a little less political (or maybe not):

I’m a parent of two children under 6. That means (a) I am tired; (b) I attend a lot of concerts for children and families; And (c) I think my kids are incredibly cute, especially when dancing.

So, when I attend a concert with my kids I’d prefer to sit back, relax, and watch my kids do their cute dances as the entertainer entertains them. But sometimes the performer has other ideas. Some want me to get involved, sing along, jump, clap, etc. Some of them really lay on a guilt trip. Do I have to do the hokey pokey? Really? It’s not break time for me? (To be fair, many performers don’t suggest parents do a thing. I really like them, so long as the kids do.)

On the other hand, maybe the performers are right. Maybe if the parents don’t seem enthusiastic about the music then kids will enjoy it less and think it less important. Or maybe the performers consider it their job to create a family experience.

I’d like to hear about this issue from a kid/family concert performer’s perspective. I know one (Alastair Moock), and his wife Jane Roper blogs at Baby Squared. Jane, Alastair, what do you think?

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