Delivery Systems Day

One of my major complaints about the current bills being debated (most of them at least) is that they don’t do enough to contain costs in the future.  It’s not enough of a reason not to pass something; however, we should recognize this deficit, and at some point in the future we will have to address it.  We are focused more on access right now, which is why we pratter on and on and on about insurance.

Ezra Klein is sees this as well:

Despite my best efforts, I’d include myself in that number. I focus too much on insurance. And I don’t have as tight a grasp on medical delivery questions as I’d like. I get the basic sketch — pay for quality rather than volume, manage care coherently rather than episodically, develop evidence and integrate it with IT platforms that help providers put the knowledge into practice — but I’m no expert. So today on the blog, I’ll be posting up thoughts from a range of actual experts. I’ve asked them to contribute a paragraph or two each on the most important, but under-covered, curve bender in the bills. It’s delivery system day on the blog. Aren’t you excited!?

They are definitely worth a read.  I think that some of them are too sound-biteish and not grounded in evidence, but at least someone is talking about it!  Links below the fold.

Sara Rosenbaum

David Cutler

Henry Aaron

Judy Feder

Chris Jennings

Harold Pollack

UPDATE:  Peter Orszag

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