Deficit Commissions and Smoking Cessation

Have something in common. It typically takes multiple attempts for them to work. From the AHRQ smoking cessation guideline finding 1:

Tobacco dependence is a chronic disease that often requires repeated intervention and multiple attempts to quit

There have been numerous debt/deficit panels and they all conclude that spending will have to decline and taxes will have to increase if we are going to ever have a balanced and sustainable budget. They all acknowledge that health care costs are the biggest long term problem. The last step looks something like the Fiscal Commission recommendations (Bowles/Simpson) that got 11 out of 18 votes last December, and a yes from 6 out of 12 sitting members of Congress on the Commission (interestingly, 5 of 6 Senators voted yes, and 5 of 6 members of the House voted no).

Another commission/super Congress–whatever it may be called is not a dodge, it is the way that we will one day actually do it.

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