• Deepwater Depression

    When something shows up in my dreams I know it is time to deal with it. Last night it was the Deepwater oil spill and humanity’s environment stewardship in general. In one crazy dream segment the weather was predicted to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit with blizzard conditions. Hmm …

    In my consciousness (where I know the proper conditions for snow), I’ve been really bothered by the Deepwater oil spill but haven’t worked too hard at learning a lot about it. To the extent that my text and aural news and information sources I follow have covered it, I’ve paid attention, riveted and disgusted. But I don’t subscribe to any science or environmental blogs, until today. I just added the NY Times’ Dot Earth to my Reader. Andrew Revkin, in particular, is doing some great reporting on the Deepwater spill there.

    My question for you is, what are other good sources to follow the Deepwater spill disaster, global climate change, and other scientific and environmental news? I’m not interested in environmental hysteria. I want the real goods: solid, well-written, science-based information.


    • Austin,

      The two less obvious suggestions I can make are (1) insurance journals and (2) geoblogs.

      Insurance is useful because (a) they care a lot and (b) although they are primarily interested in coverage, they care about worst case scenarios, so they do fairly comprehensive analysis on the full range of damage. Among my feeds, I subscribe to Insurance Journal (actual name) and scan their headlines daily. They probably churn out 1-3 germane short articles per day.

      I don’t know of a geoblog that focuses on this issue specifically, but several have produce insightful analysis. Highly Allochthonous is probably your best bet on this subject since the bloggers are wide ranging. I have also gained from Lab of the Lounge Lemming and about.com’s geoblogger (Alden?). HA twitters effectively, for what it’s worth.

      Skeptical Science is a good global warming blog (dispassionate scientific rebuff of non-scientific arguments).


    • http://www.theoildrum.com is the best thing i’ve found so far for Deepwater Horizon news. It’s more or less an industry blog but has a diverse commenter base so it isn’t the DRILL BABY DRILL crowd…

    • Climate Blogs
      These are all pretty technical climate blogs, they don’t really cover the oil spill all that much but they are good on climate science.

      For the Oil Spill
      this has a lot of good satellite images and discussion
      Discover News has a couple of interesting articles
      they seem to be covering a lot of the oil spill.
      Kevin is right the Oil Drum is good

      For Environmental Economics and Policy

      A lot of these blogs have links to other good blogs, just click around

    • Andrew Revkin of the New York Times is a meticulous, responsible, and very smart reporter and commenter. His Dot Earth blog covers natural resources and the environment. I especially recommend his climate writings, but he’s had quite a bit on the Gulf situation lately.


    • Count on me not to notice that Andy Revkin was IN YOUR ORIGINAL POST. (sigh)