Deepwater Depression

When something shows up in my dreams I know it is time to deal with it. Last night it was the Deepwater oil spill and humanity’s environment stewardship in general. In one crazy dream segment the weather was predicted to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit with blizzard conditions. Hmm …

In my consciousness (where I know the proper conditions for snow), I’ve been really bothered by the Deepwater oil spill but haven’t worked too hard at learning a lot about it. To the extent that my text and aural news and information sources I follow have covered it, I’ve paid attention, riveted and disgusted. But I don’t subscribe to any science or environmental blogs, until today. I just added the NY Times’ Dot Earth to my Reader. Andrew Revkin, in particular, is doing some great reporting on the Deepwater spill there.

My question for you is, what are other good sources to follow the Deepwater spill disaster, global climate change, and other scientific and environmental news? I’m not interested in environmental hysteria. I want the real goods: solid, well-written, science-based information.


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