• Crowdsource request to TIE readers

    I am the point-counterpoint for the Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law. We’ve had some great dialogues so far. Joseph White and Jon Skinner tangled over the Dartmouth Atlas. John Lantos, Mary Anne Jackson, and Christopher J. Harrison arguing for restricting personal belief exemptions for certain vaccinations; while Douglas Opel and Douglas Diekema aren’t quite so sure. These are terrific and accessible 3000-4,000 word essays by top people who take informed but discordant positions on tough health policy issues. We have others in the pipeline;  we need more.

    Consider this a call for crowd-sourcing from one of the best audiences around. Either in the comment thread or offline, I’d love to hear suggestions. (HAP)

    • My list would include:


      Can we really reform Medicare w/o reforming private health care also?

      Why can’t we adopt a plan from some other country? (Aside from politics)

      Does Medicare drive up private sector costs, or is it the other way around? (Ask Uwe Reinhardt (sp?)to participate)

      You have been granted the magic policy wand. The country is your lab. You must devise at least three plans to be used in various states around the country. What plans would you like to see go head to head with each other to find out what would really happen?

      Long term care

      How much will innovation be affected if we cut health care growth to GDP + 1%?