• Congratulations Amy Finkelstein

    Health economist Amy Finkelstein is this year’s recipient of the John Bates Clark medal. Sarah Kliff delivers the story here. Read Tyler Cowen’s reaction here, which points to the American Economics Association’s summary of Finkelstein’s work (pdf). Given the importance of health care in our economy and the quality of her work in health economics, Finkelstein is a superb choice this year. Congratulations!

    All TIE citations (including those in comments) of Finkelstein are found here.


    • A little respectful feedback -summarizing your key points in your blog post, instead of asking the reader to follow several links to get your gist, would be much more effective.

      • Sometimes it’s all I can do. I think it is far better than nothing. Sorry.

      • I think the one sentence is quite a summary. People who are not health economists do not know the funny models used. The links give you some taste of the gory details. For the really interested aka responsible journalist, they know to check the NBER search and use Google Scholar