• CNN: Worried about Obamacare? Fear not

    Two polls earlier this week showed that, still, almost no one know how Obamacare works. So I tried again to explain how Obamacare works over at CNN.com.

    Go read!


    • Your approach is correct. I am not really sure even if the HHS had additional money they would have been able to explain how the process works. Being in the health insurance business, we still have no word on how the application process for the federal subsidies will work.
      If the Federal Gov. is unable to communicate how the process is going to work, how do they inform the public?
      The company that is handling the paper subsidies process is called Serco. This company is/was headquarter in the UK. If you contact them and ask how the process is going to work, they forward you onto CMS. At CMS you will be on hold for 22 minutes. Then when you do speak with someone they will state they don’t know the process.

      So who is to blame for not being transparent with the exchange process?