• CNN.com: Why Medicaid expansion is key part of health reform

    I have a new piece up at CNN.com entitled “Why Medicaid expansion is key part of health reform“. I think the title pretty much gives you the gist of it.

    Go read!


    • Aaron, I had hoped to find some plausible reason why half the newly insured under health care reform have to be enrolled in an inferior health plan. I read … and read … and read… and nope. No reason was ever given.

      • You and I are going to disagree as to the “inferiority” of Medicaid. Readers of the blog will know where we stand on the issue. But getting past that, the reason they’re getting Medicaid and not private insurance is because (1) that will cost more and (2) almost no politicians are pushing for it.

      • I asked my Congresswoman (an ACA supporter) why they hadn’t simply eliminated Medicaid and put all the uninsured into the Exchanges with a voucher priced for the basic plan. Her response was that cost too much. They couldn’t make the numbers work for the CBO scoring. Private plans, even basic ones, cost much more than Medicaid coverage.

      • Budget. Covered extensively in other posts. Certainly you know this.

      • Setting aside the point that some insurance is superior to no insurance, as an Internist seeing many Medicaid patients, I deny your assertion that it is “inferior insurance”. Medicaid has been literally a life saver for the poor. It can be for many more of the uninsured in our country.

    • None of you have given any reason why poor people cannot be given a choice. Half the newly insured are not just being enrolled in Medicaid. They are being confined there. Why not give everyone in the country the opportunity to enroll in Medicaid (especially all the policy wonks who tell us how wonderful it is)? At the same time, give everyone on Medicaid the opportunity to escape.

      • Why do you write as if we have an obligation to have addressed your concern before you expressed it? You like choice. In this post it wasn’t mentioned. But it is elsewhere on this blog.

      • From the tone of your comments, the last thing I expected was for you to come out in favor of a government option. I think it would, like Medicare, be wildly successful. (Medicare has been wildly successful for my patients for my whole 35 year career.) I’m skeptical private insurance could compete with “Medicaid for All”. Too much overhead necessary in order to pay stockholders, upper management salaries.