• CNN – A victory for the morning-after pill

    I blogged this morning about the Plan B reversal that occurred yesterday. I discussed the history of this fight, and what it means more thoroughly in a column over at CNN.com.

    Go read!


    • Thanks for your effort. I learned a lot about many facets of the Rx delivery process.

      I think the issue will be one people, society, governments will always struggle with – what limits to place on individuals and for what reasons. Our society certainly exhibits a lack of “age” consistency – given the potential impact on the child’s life and mental health. For comparison, you need a prescription to buy oral birth control medications, a license to cut hair, you must be age 17 to watch certain movies, a certain height to ride the “wild mouse”, and parental approval to go on certain school trips, etc.

      I accept your superior knowledge about the safety of Plan B as an over the counter medication. However, the American College of OB/GYN’s would disagree. In arguing for over-the-counter access to oral birth control medications, they claim: “No drug or intervention is completely without risk of harm. For example, … (aspirin, acetaminophen, etc.) have documented adverse effects, … ”

      But even if Plan B is 100% safe from a physical perspective, for each and every patient, regardless of her unique physical and mental status, the societal discussion/debate will (and must) continue – if only for the next administration, or the next drug, or the next scientific breakthrough. .

    • In response to BenifitJack’s post

      “Government should not interfere with the patient-physician relationship without a substantial public health justification, according to The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).”