• Choosing Ryan Defines Health Care For GOP Ticket

    I was sitting in my house reading comic books on Saturday (my wife was picking up the kids at a party), when I got an email from Julie Rovner asking me if I could tape a piece for NPR Weekend edition on the selection of Paul Ryan, and what that means for health care in the campaign. I was more than happy to take a break from my important activities to do so.

    You can read more about it, and listen, here.


    • Could Ryan’s ideas be too early for America? Maybe.
      But younger people are already getting used to changes.
      The corporate pension plans are all about gone. Guaranteed retirement appears to be an illusion. Now it’s almost all self-funded 401 K’s.
      Many younger people already believe that Social Security and Medicare won’t be there 20 years from now. And that everyone will need to work into their 70’s.
      Many even beleive that this generation is the first that will see lower standards of living than their parents did.
      It may not happen this election, but radical changes will happen at some point.

      • I think you are arguing that we must accept the inevitability of more “social Darwinism” so that we can continue to grant our 1% the tax breaks that they feel they deserve.

        It may be Quixotic, but I personally am hoping for a radical change that would bring “European style socialized medicine” to the US which would lower costs and improve health.

        • Taxing the 1% at 100% won’t get us out of this mess.
          It’s time to leave the old Democratic monolog.

          • Sorry to see you resorting to name calling and exaggeration.
            I haven’t heard of anyone proposing a tax of 100% on anyone.
            However, taxing people like Romney and also corporations at the same rate as the rest of us would take care of the problem. It’s time to stop welfare for the rich.

            • …”name calling and exaggeration.”
              Say what??????????????
              I didn’t say you said any of that.
              Read what I said.
              You mentioned the top 1% and suggested the answer is to tax them more.
              My point is that EVEN IF we tax the top 1% at a 100% rate, it will not solve our budgetary problems. Taxing corporations at rates higher than the rest of the world will only drive more companies to leave our shores for foreign ones. EVERYONE needs to be part of the answer.
              Making this out to be class warfare, which I believe the Democratic party has done time and again, will not bring about realistic solutions. It just drives stalemate.