• Chart of the day: brand vs. generic drug price growth

    Click to enlarge. Source: Express Scripts. H/t: Michael Ramlet. (There will not be a TIE chart of the day every day.)


    • And this is w/o any new blockbusters coming out for the most part.


    • FWIW, and as you might expect, Japan is very aggressive about switching to generics as soon as they are available. And is very upfront about telling the patient; the pharmacy that fills my prescription is appologetic about charging me (my 30%; insurance covers the other 70%) for non-generics, explaining that they’ve switched to a generic of this but that a a generic version of that isn’t out yet. (I mention this because I understand that there’s some fine print in Medicare that prevents a switch to generics in some cases.)

    • I just sent this to Dean Baker. I hope his head doesn’t explode.

      The fact that the people who missed the largest asset bubble in history are now paid to tell us that extended patent protections are a good thing is a tragedy, It’s certainly not “free markets” or a meritocracy.

    • Woha , A miracle medicine is one which is of same price as it was last year, and look at generics medicine they are cheaper then what they were last year!!!!