Changes in Cost-Sharing Have Little Impact on VHA Reliance

Most Veterans enrolled in health care coverage through Veterans Health Administration (VHA) have additional coverage through public programs like Traditional Medicare or private payers like Medicare Advantage or employer-sponsored insurance. In recent years, Veteran enrollment in Medicare Advantage in particular has grown significantly. Historically, it has been unclear how Medicare Advantage policy changes affect how dual-enrolled Veterans use VHA services.

The Partnered Evidence-based Policy Resource Center (PEPReC) published a policy brief exploring whether recent changes in Medicare Advantage plan benefit design (in terms of patient cost sharing) led to changes in reliance of VHA services. Read the full brief here.

PEPReC, within the Veterans Health Administration and funded in large part by the Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI), is a team of health economists, health services and public health researchers, statistical programmers, and policy analysts who engage policymakers to improve Veterans’ lives through evidence-driven innovations using advanced quantitative methods.

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