• Chair lust, part deux

    I didn’t expect I’d every write another post titled “Chair lust” (first one here). But, yeah, I dig this (these):

    Via Design Milk.

    The Inception Chair is a chair within a chair within a chair, and so on until no more chairs will fit inside. Each chair has hand-cut grooves that notch inside each other, securely connecting them together but making it easy to disassemble.

    Click for more pics.


    • This of course raises the question of whether treatment for chair lust should be covered by Medicare and private insurance. Untreated chair lust could lead to higher rates of divorce (because of arguments about money spent on chairs), foot, ankle, and knee problems (because people stay on their feet constantly because they want a better chair), traffic accidents (because people are looking at advertisements for chairs), and other serious problems (for which I’ll dream up arguments later).