• BU Law Conference on New Legal Challenges to Global Tobacco Control

    Boston is a great city for health policy. On Jan. 25, BU Law hosts a conference on New Legal Challenges to Global Tobacco Control. Just a month later, Harvard hosts its own conference on the Global Governance of Tobacco (details here).

    The BU Law conference  (announcement here; detailed schedule here) will focus on challenges rooted in constitutional law (First Amendment litigation in the US attacking FDA-required graphic images on tobacco packs); trade mark law (plain packaging in Australia); and global trade and investment treaties such as the Hong Kong-Australia Bilateral Investment Treaty and the WTO Agreements.  Speakers include some of the world’s leading public health experts on this topic:

    • Matthew Allen, Allen + Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists
    • Micah Berman, New England School of Law
    • Scott Burris, Temple University Beasley School of Law
    • Julien Chaisse, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Richard Daynard, Northeastern University School of Law
    • Samantha Graff, NPLAN
    • Jane Kelsey, University of Auckland Faculty of Law
    • Lara Khoury, McGill University Faculty of Law
    • Mark Levin, University of Hawai’i at Manoa William S. Richardson School of Law
    • Jonathan Liberman, Cancer Council Victoria
    • Benn McGrady, Georgetown University Law Center
    • Ted Mermin, Public Good Law Center
    • Kevin Outterson, BU School of Law
    • Robert Stumberg, Georgetown University Law Center
    • Allyn Taylor, Georgetown University
    • Tania Voon, University of Melbourne Law School
    • George Annas, BU School of Law and BU School of Public Health
    • Leonard Glantz, BU School of Law and BU School of Public Health
    • Wendy Mariner, BU School of Law and BU School of Public Health
    • Alexandra Roberts, BU School of Law
    • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Siegel, BU School of Public Health

    The conference is open to everyone; see the schedule for details. The conference papers will be published in the American Journal of Law & Medicine.