Brown Takes Ted Kennedy’s Seat

I’ve never “watched” an election on Twitter before tonight, but I now see the draw. I got the news before the commentators (and bloggers) said (and wrote) it. From GlobePolitical at about 9:15PM EDT:

BREAKING: Coakley calls Brown to concede in Senate vote, Brown adviser tells Globe.

On the up side for the liberal blogosphere: all the recent posts about how the Democrats can still pass health reform without 60 votes in the Senate wasn’t for nothing.

The big question on my mind tonight is, how long will Democrats take to debate themselves about whether or not the House should or can vote on the Senate bill? The worst case scenario is they spend weeks in contemplation before failing to pass it. The next worst is they spend weeks in contemplation before passing it. The best thing they can do for themselves (and I think the country) is to pass it tomorrow. But that is the least likely of alternatives.

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