• Both of these things can’t be true

    One of the key messages of the Romney/Ryan campaign is that they are serious about saving Medicare, and the Obama administration isn’t. They are willing to make the hard choices, and the Obama administration isn’t. They want to reduce spending, and the Obama adminstration just wants to raise taxes on the rich.

    But then I read something, from Avik Roy, who is a member of Romney’s health care advisory group, which says that Obamacare cuts Medicare more than Romney would.

    So which is it? It can’t be both. Time for some questions, media people.


    • When has the truth ever mattered to the GOP and their lackeys? Never!!

    • Careful, you’re kind of sounding like a liberal whacko there.

    • I believe there is a real difference to the strategies initiated by both parties..The Dems have raided Medicare for $700B to finance portions of Obamacare and are going to have a free standing review board to decide who gets care and….
      Ryan says let’s devise a plan that provides basic care and if you want more than that….you can choose to do so but it will cost the individual more…not everyone else

      • Paul Ryan voted twice for the $700 billion that is financed across 10 years to pay for the ACA.

        He also wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system where retirees get $7000 annual to pay for meds and procedures. Nowhere does he talk about reducing the costs of healthcare, so how does he expect this 7000 to cover the average citizen’s healthcare costs?

    • Where does Roy say this? I didn’t see it in the linked piece.

    • I think Ezra Klein noted yesterday that both have the same target growth rate for Medicare: +.5% of GDP. Neither can claim they are more serious than the other in terms of putting the program on a different fiscal path if they have the same growth rate. Now the composition of that spending may be different….

      As for the poster who noted the ACA reductions in the growth of Medicare, Ryan’s budget keeps those in place, thank you very much.

      • Both the president’s plan and the GOP plan curb Medicare spending by the same amount. The difference is, the president’s plan achieves this by enhanced efficiency in the health care industry. The GOP does it by making seniors pay a lot more for their health care.

    • Avila Roy was on sunday’s airing of Up With Chris Hayes and he got completely cornered on that very point. The show is available to stream on the msnbc site.