Blekko fail

On the suggestion of Brad DeLong, I tried Blekko as an alternative to Google search. I was initially excited. I wanted Blekko to be better. But, I’m not impressed. It’s not there yet.

Take, for example, the following site search of The Incidental Economist. This is something I do all the time. If you haven’t noticed, the search function on TIE is rather poor. But, using Google site search, I can get what I want. Here’s a search on “frankt,” a common misspelling of my name. I just did this search because I was looking for my old post titled “The many spellings of ‘”Frakt’“.

Google found it among the eight relevant results. Blekko did not. It found only one. The wrong one.

Google: Still Good Enough

Blekko: Fail

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