Bad Zipper Default

I think pocket zippers zip the wrong way. Can someone tell me why the current pocket zipper direction default is best?

Up should be open, down closed. The reason is gravity. It tends to pull the zipper to the down (= open) position.

When you want it closed it’s usually important that it remain so. You know, to keep stuff in. When you want it open it isn’t usually important that it stay that way for a long time. You do your business and then close it up, right? With the default being up is closed then gravity acts counter to your best interests. (Truth is, I’ve seen some pocket zippers go the other way, but the majority seem to be backwards in my view.)

This criticism does not apply to the main jacket/coat zipper. That’s best as is, with up being closed, because it’d be too hard to start the zipper way up under your chin. Sight is handy for that and under your chin is a blind spot.

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