Anecdotes ain’t our thing. Stop asking.

NOTE: This post is closed for comments. When I said I’m done, I meant it.

There are time I absolutely love the blogosphere. Its ability to allow people with knowledge to respond quickly to what’s going on the world had changed my life. But there are times I hate it. This is one such time.

Watching blogs respond, re-respond, re-re-respond, etc. to the many anecdotes about people shopping on the exchanges is maddening. It’s like blogs have succumbed to the worst aspects of the 24-hour-cable news cycle. There’s some need to leap on each anecdote, attack it, defend it, tear it apart, and then scream that it’s horrible everyone has moved on to the next one.

To be honest, I simply don’t pay attention to the stories. It’s ridiculous that so many seem to be false, but I have no doubt that some of them are true. I completely accept the notion that some individuals will immediately fare worse under the ACA than they did before.

What’s important to me is how we see the system work at a population level. That will require data, and none will be available for some time. When it is, you can be sure that I will respond. Until then, please stop asking! If you want to follow the trials and travails of potentially false and unrepresentative anecdotes, there are lots and lots of other blogs that will give you what you want.


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