• And comments aren’t the only way to get in touch with us

    While I’ve still been getting plenty of email, it seems to come from mostly people who’ve followed me from my old blog.  What’s the matter, TIE regulars?  You’re not afraid of me, are you?  I have three small children you know.  I’m not scary.

    My blog email address is aaron@mdcarroll.com.  It seems my work email address is discoverable, as well, but I try and keep that separate.

    • The new kid taunting the blogosphere, yes, I like it. Rather than go the email route, I am going to post a query.

      OK newbie, here is something that has given me pause over the last few weeks.

      Health Exchange begins in a few years, and you are an insurance broker in 2010 (notice the attention they are garnering in the press nowadays). As you go through the Kubler Ross stages, you realize your imminent demise is a potential reality.

      The possibilities are as follows:

      1. Get your trade group to lobby the hell out of the Washington and find a vestigial role in the new exchange. You are unnecessary, perhaps, but “we will find a place for you,” cause, well…that is what Congress does best.
      2. You jump ship, and begin that correspondence course you always dreamed of—time to get out, if you know what I mean. You see the flat line on the monitor beginning to coalesce.
      3. Do not look towards the Democrats, as they are staring in the opposite direction. “Hey, that is the market for you, kill or be killed.” Taste your own medicine Wall Street boy.
      4. Look towards the Republicans, because it is ObamaCare after all, and this is not a “free market” (it is a regulated utility), and we will need these folks to navigate through a consumer-oriented landscape.
      5. Hope you are one of the few left standing to sell the niche products to fill holes and cater to the affluent.

      OK smart guy, comment. 🙂

      Seriously, this is an interesting case study in the government rendering a class of workers obsolete. It is probably not the first time, but fascinating to see how difft interest groups play their hands and how things will end up.

    • First post for tomorrow, I will try and answer this!