All roads lead to death panels – ctd.

While I’ve spent a few days calling out people I disagree with for their over-the-top rhetoric on the FDA and Avastin, it’s equally important to acknowledge when people I (sometimes) disagree with bring something constructive to the debate. Avik Roy has done just that:

The Wall Street Journal opinion section, edited by Paul Gigot, is a tremendous resource. For economically sophisticated commentary on every area of public policy, one can hardly do better. Throughout the Obamacare debate, the Journal was particularly strong on health care policy, calling attention to PPACA’s deficiencies as well as to ideas for genuine reform.

Once in a blue moon, however, the Journal strikes a false chord, and such was the case with its recent editorial entitled “The Avastin Mugging.” The subject of the editorial is the recent recommendation, by an external advisory committee of the Food and Drug Administration, to revoke approval of Avastin, a biotech cancer drug, for advanced breast cancer.

I may not entirely agree with the first paragraph, and I may not always agree with Avik, but the rest of the piece is sensible and worth a read.  I suggest you do so.

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