Adventures in Insanity – ctd.

Getting lots of interesting feedback on my post from Friday. Some further things I’d like to get across:

  1. Many of you think that this is a payment problem only. I hope you note that none of my issues have yet to do with payment. I’m happy to give them my credit card. They haven’t gotten to that point yet.
  2. Many of you think that I could avoid these problems if I just paid for everything out of pocket. Well, maybe it would be a little easier. But you know what? I paid my insurance premium this month, as I do every month, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect that I should get the benefits I paid for.
  3. Some of you think that I could avoid some of these problems by short-circuiting the system as a physician. Maybe. But that’s somewhat unethical. Moreover, it’s not an option for the vast majority of Americans.
  4. Some of you think that I should just walk into the nearest pharmacy and get the meds. As I said, they’re not readily available everywhere. They would need to be ordered. For that I need the prescription first. For that I need the labs. And you see I’m back to square one.

Finally, can we please remember that I’m not asking for anything out of the ordinary. I’m doing everything asked of me, and I’m doing it on time. The system is screwed up.

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