AcademyHealth’s Translation and Dissemination Institute

As I’ve written and said before, doing the research — as hard as it is — is the easy part. Much harder is making the evidence accessible, relevant, and actionable at the right time and for the right people. In large part, that’s what we’re trying to do at TIE. I’m proud to be affiliated with several other initiatives that are trying to tackle that harder part too. One of them is the AcademyHealth Translation and Dissemination Institute, for which I am a planning committee member. Today is its formal launch.

Health services research (HSR) is intended to help us understand and improve the health care system, its outcomes, and costs. In order to be useful, however, HSR findings must address the right questions, be in a format appropriate for making decisions (knowledge translation), and be effectively conveyed to those making the decisions (dissemination). Putting research into practice has never been easy, but in today’s “information age,” the challenge to reach the right audience, break through the clutter of competing priorities, and offer practical, actionable information is even greater. The Translation and Dissemination Institute leverages AcademyHealth’s unique resources and vantage in serving both the producers and users of HSR to address these challenges and to offer the lessons of its experience for the benefit of the field.

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