• AcademyHealth: Data on those who are eligible for insurance on the exchanges

    Don’t you wish you knew more about people signing up for insurance on the exchanges? Your wish is my command, over at the AcademyHealth blog. Go read!



    • from your article:

      “More concerning, however, are the 48% of people who reported not enrolling because they weren’t sure they could afford it. That’s a huge problem for the administration. If that many people are finding plan unaffordable, then the whole law may be for naught.

      It’s unclear, though, why they feel this way. […] But it’s concerning that so many report cost still being an issue. Further, some said that deductibles and co-pays were too high (42%),”48% siad they couldn’t afford it and 42% said deductibles and copays were too high. that doesn’t sound at all unclear.

      but it’s not like nobody saw this coming. you should read what jonathan gruber, the mit economist who was the architect and godfather of romneycare and obamacare, defines as affordable:

      “A very conservative response would be to say that a plan is only affordable if the premiums plus the maximum out of pocket exposure does not exceed available resources. This is very conservative because while premium payments are certain, out of pocket payments are not, and a sizeable majority of enrollees will not reach the out of pocket limit. Moreover, there is a strong argument that out of pocket costs should not be incorporated into a discussion of affordability of insurance. After all, individuals face more out of pocket risk without insurance than they do with coverage. Thus, if an individual is very ill and faces large out of pocket costs under an insurance plan, they would have faced at least those same out of pocket costs, and likely more, had they remained uninsured. So it would be wrong to say that those out of pocket costs were responsible for making insurance unaffordable.”

      from http://www.emptywheel.net/2010/01/08/gruber-doesnt-reveal-that-21-of-ma-residents-cant-afford-health-care/

      yes, it’s technically correct to say that high deductibles, copays, out-of-pocket expenses, etc do not make insurance unaffordable, but they sure do make CARE unaffordable, a fact that was knowable since at least as far back as march of 2009.