A test survey

I’m testing a survey plug-in SurveyMonkey, to see if I want to use it for a future survey of readers. Feel free to take this survey, even though it’s just a test. That’d be helpful, actually, so I can see if there are any issues in collecting data.

Here’s a test survey question: Please rate the letters “A”, “B”, “C” in order of preference. 1 = most preferred letter. 2 = middle preference. 3 = last preference. If it helps, swap in your own question by associating the letters with three other things, like types of pie, brands of coffee, fonts, kind of pet, or whatever.

You can take this survey below, in the embedded SurveyMonkey thing, or you can go to this link, which may work better, depending on your device.

You should know that there are some ways in which this survey technology works over which I have no control. For example, with exceptions for some devices (see below), the way you have to rank these is by dragging and dropping them in order, not with the drop down menu next to each choice. If you’re trying to use the drop down menus and they’re auto-filling, drag and drop the choices instead. I’ve been told by email that this may not work on an iPad, but others say it does. Also, on Android devices, I’m told the drop down menus work, but not dragging choices. If you’ve found otherwise, or other devices on which it fails, let me know.

Comments open for feedback.

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