• A test survey

    I’m testing a survey plug-in SurveyMonkey, to see if I want to use it for a future survey of readers. Feel free to take this survey, even though it’s just a test. That’d be helpful, actually, so I can see if there are any issues in collecting data.

    Here’s a test survey question: Please rate the letters “A”, “B”, “C” in order of preference. 1 = most preferred letter. 2 = middle preference. 3 = last preference. If it helps, swap in your own question by associating the letters with three other things, like types of pie, brands of coffee, fonts, kind of pet, or whatever.

    You can take this survey below, in the embedded SurveyMonkey thing, or you can go to this link, which may work better, depending on your device.

    You should know that there are some ways in which this survey technology works over which I have no control. For example, with exceptions for some devices (see below), the way you have to rank these is by dragging and dropping them in order, not with the drop down menu next to each choice. If you’re trying to use the drop down menus and they’re auto-filling, drag and drop the choices instead. I’ve been told by email that this may not work on an iPad, but others say it does. Also, on Android devices, I’m told the drop down menus work, but not dragging choices. If you’ve found otherwise, or other devices on which it fails, let me know.

    Comments open for feedback.

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    • Well, it sort of worked, but I was able to select the same number (2) for all 3 choices. Probably not what you want?

    • It worked!

    • I ranked A as 1, then the other ranks were filled in automatically (B as 2 and C as 3). Not sure that’s a good feature.

    • I could only use drop-down on my phone. (iOS 8.)

    • Worked. I’m not a huge fan of the embedded scroll window, since it kind of messed with my touch screen window navigation, but that’s more aesthetic than functional.

    • Drag and drop works fine on Firefox, as do the drop-down options. The latter automatically renumber, but in a way that seems intuitively correct.

      On my iPhone, iOS 7, drag and drop does NOT work, but the drop-down options work fine, with the same intuitive automatic renumbering.

    • Worked on iPhone (inside FB app) when I selected using the drop down it reordered which was kinda weird because it looks like it was resetting

    • Worked both ways (drag and drop, and drop down menu selection) on PC using Chrome.

      I found the drop down menu selection to be confusing, and having 2 ways to sort the list doubly confusing. If possible, I’d go with ONLY the drag and drop method.

    • I selected 3 for A, and A, B, C rearranged themselves to as B, C, A with the ranks pre-filled. Definitely not the behavior I expected.

    • Our provincial health department (Nova Scotia) does not allow Survey Monkey because of security issues but I can do it at home.

    • Drop downs worked fine on my iPad.

    • It worked fine using Safari on a MacBook. Both the menus and the dragging worked, although it took a minute to figure out how the items rearranged themselves when using the menus.

    • Menus worked on my iPad, but not dragging.

    • Did not work on my desktop (IE10). The choices were pre-filled and I could not change them.

      I use Survey Monkey a whole lot and avoid this question type, because I would often hear of the same problem from respondents. While not visually preferable, the matrix, with forced unique responses of one per row will get the same result.

      SM has several drawbacks, but I’ve still found it to be the best option out there (although it’s been a couple of years since I looked). In particular, the functionality around downloading responses/data is far better than others’.

    • Tested on IE 11.

      very unintuitive interface.

      Selected using drop downs:
      * First selection ordered the others reasonable, but not expected.
      * Changing the number 2 selection to number 3 didn’t change the order of numbers, which was the expected behavior. After a minute’s frustration I realized that the choices sorted themselves to be in the new order — not what I was expecting. (Having more visually different choices [pie fillings, contributor names, artist names, etc.] would have made the resorting more obvious.)

      The N/A button dropped the selected item to the bottom and didn’t give it an order number – as expected given the previous performance.

      I was able to submit a survey with all selections N/A.

      Drag and drop worked correctly, moving the selections and updating the numbers.

    • I found it confusing that the Options re-arranged themselves!

    • I agree with everyone who says, basically, that the behavior of the survey items is not intuitive or desired. I don’t like that they rearrange themselves. But this may be a good enough tool nonetheless.