A sad day

I don’t throw the word “hero” around a lot.  The closest I get are people who I admire so much that when asked what I would like to be someday, I point to one of them.

The number of people who qualify is small. Two of them happen to be married to each other; one of them died in a car accident on Sunday.

Mark Pescovitz’s funeral was today.  The number of people who showed up was staggering.

Mark’s brother David is one of the editors at Boing Boing, and his tribute is far better than anything I could write, so I encourage you to go read it.  I’ll just add that my circle of physician/scientist heroes got a little smaller this week, and I am profoundly saddened.

My thoughts and prayers are with Ora and her family right now.  If it’s part of your philosophy or religion, maybe yours can be, too.

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