• A real opportunity for fans of JAMA and its affiliate journals

    As many of you know, Austin and I both write for the JAMA Forum. I am also on the editorial board of JAMA Pediatrics. Disclosures fulfilled!

    A huge opportunity exists for all of you right now. The JAMA Network is trialing its mobile app for its family of journals. It will work on any device. More importantly, it will allow you FREE ACCESS to all their journals for limited time. This is not only a chance to try out their app and see if you like it. It’s also an opportunity to get to read all those gated articles with no paywall at all for now.

    Don’t waste any time. Go!


    • Are there any issues or articles you particularly recommend?

    • I have way, way too much to read. I have found a couple of services that collect and edit literature, but I would still like to find one that does a better job of the broad overview. For me, as a specialist, I dont find the time-money investment in JAMA is high enough to merit subscription, but I wish I had access to occasional articles (which I do in our library, but it is not as convenient).