A press release is not enough (videos and more)

Frequently, I am asked to give my talk about translation and dissemination of health policy-relevant research to lay audiences — more frequently than I am able to do so. But versions of it are online. Just below is the latest version, followed by some additional resources.

Slides based on an older version are here. They have links to other resources, including to this post, so this is delightfully circular.

Related, here is a link to the fourth of four posts I wrote about writing. Links to the first three are at the top if that post.

See also this paper in Health Services Research by me, Keith Humphreys, Aaron Carroll, and Harold Pollack about academics writing for mass media. You may also be interested in this video by Aaron Carroll about dissemination of research.

Other resources:

Given the above, there’s no reason to read more of this post because the following duplicates a lot of the content, but are older.

Here’s a version from 2015 that includes Adrianna and Nick:


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