• A press release is not enough (videos)

    Frequently, I am asked to give my talk about translation and dissemination of health policy-relevant research to lay audiences — more frequently than I am able to do so. But versions of it are online.

    Here’s an audio version with slides. It’s the most recent recording available. In the slides there are links to other resources, including to this post, so this is delightfully circular.

    Related, here is a link to the fourth of four posts I wrote about writing. Links to the first three are at the top. (These are also included in the list of resources in the slides.)

    The following duplicates a lot of the content and are older, so may also have some content I no longer present. It would be overkill to watch all these too, but I’ll include them anyway.

    Here’s a version from 2015 that includes Adrianna and Nick: