A possibly naive post about apps

Now that I’ve had an iPad for three months and a Droid X for two days, I’m sold on apps. The idea of a little program for which you pay little to no money and that does one thing really well is appealing. In short: it works.

I wish the rest of my computing experience did. In some ways I what it to be more like what I can get on my more portable devices. I want more apps. Why can’t I get them on my PC? Or can I?

The PC is not all bad. I do like it for the web browsing and working experience. That’s what a big screen and a real keyboard does for me. They give me enough real-estate to get serious stuff done. And my PC browser (Chrome, thank you very much) has space for all the nice buttons and tabs I enjoy. Not so on my iPad or Droid. Those browsers are woefully under-spaced, and it shows.

But, back to apps. I want them. Everywhere. Always. Not just on my phone and tablet. Can I? How?

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