• A Medicaid essay in seven tweets

    My seven tweet “essay” on Medicaid received some praise on Twitter, so I thought I’d drop it here. Links are to the actual tweets.

    1. The Medicaid financing problems states face are real. [tweet]
    2. At the same time, Medicaid is the least expensive way to pay for health care services. [tweet]
    3. Cutting (or not expanding) the program doesn’t magically make the health access issues it (imperfectly) addresses go away. [tweet]
    4. Funding them in other ways is more expensive (in dollars). Not funding them is more expensive (in life/life quality). [tweet]
    5. A short term solution is to increase revenue (taxes). [tweet]
    6. A longer term solution is to bring down the cost of care. But that’s a systemic issue, not a Medicaid-specific one. [tweet]
    7. The key question is, should would-be Medicaid beneficiaries pay the price for our inability to reduce health care costs? [tweet]


    • Where is the Tweet referring to providers’ unwillingness to accept Medicaid patients because of the bureaucratic red tape that they have to go through? How do we address this issue in a financially sound way?

    • A short term solution is to increase revenue (taxes). [tweet]

      That is not the only way. You could make cuts elsewhere. For example spending in the Schooling sector in the USA is almost as much over the norm of the other industrialized countries as health care. States could cut spending there and put it into medicaid.

      8. Another priority for medicaid is address the marginal tax problem.

    • Your essay hits on the current Medicaid concerns but does not cover the Medicaid expansion mandated by the PPACA. How will this expansion of Medicaid, which will incorporate hundreds of thousands of more individuals in each state, expand the current problems? Will Medicaid provider coverage decrease?