A Medicaid essay in seven tweets

My seven tweet “essay” on Medicaid received some praise on Twitter, so I thought I’d drop it here. Links are to the actual tweets.

  1. The Medicaid financing problems states face are real. [tweet]
  2. At the same time, Medicaid is the least expensive way to pay for health care services. [tweet]
  3. Cutting (or not expanding) the program doesn’t magically make the health access issues it (imperfectly) addresses go away. [tweet]
  4. Funding them in other ways is more expensive (in dollars). Not funding them is more expensive (in life/life quality). [tweet]
  5. A short term solution is to increase revenue (taxes). [tweet]
  6. A longer term solution is to bring down the cost of care. But that’s a systemic issue, not a Medicaid-specific one. [tweet]
  7. The key question is, should would-be Medicaid beneficiaries pay the price for our inability to reduce health care costs? [tweet]


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