A good problem

Aaron and I exchanged some email today about the fact that TIE comment volume is way, way up. That’s good. No, that’s great. It means people are engaging — largely politely, I might add — and debating the important issues we raise. We’re very pleased for TIE to be a meeting place for such conversations.

The problem for us as bloggers with full-time day jobs is that we can’t carefully read and digest all the comments, let alone respond. We split the comment moderation duties. Speaking for myself, when I moderate, I’m only skimming for violations, not reading for comprehension.

I wish it were not so. I want to read and respond to all comments. But, I don’t have time. Nor, I suspect, does Aaron, Don or the others who post here.

One bit of advice though: if you really want us to see your comment and understand it, keep it short. Really short. That helps. I actually read the short ones more carefully.

If you don’t care if we get your meaning, then write as much as you like. Keep in mind though, we don’t approve really long comments. We use the vague Krugman rule: three inches or so on our screen and your comment doesn’t get through. We just can’t check stuff of that length quickly enough.

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