A choice, not an echo

I guess my wonky post on the econometric uncertainties regarding capital punishment will have to wait.

In my view, Mitt Romney’s announcement of Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate is a good thing. The pick makes explicit the deep substantive differences between the two parties.

You’ll hear a lot about the Ryan budget, Medicare premium support, and House Republicans’ fiscal policies. TIE has been all over these issues. Austin, especially, is an essential resource. His premium support series is a terrific introduction to the issues in play, as is his New England Journal of Medicine perspective piece “Why this is not the time for premium support.”

Then there is the social safety net for poor people. In this arena, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan propose to shift significant costs and risks onto states and individual recipients. Aaron and I have written extensively about this, too. See, for example, here, here, and here. If you doubt where I myself am located, this joint piece or this should clear things up.

Looking across the internet, there are so many great resources. Jonathan Cohn, Paul Van de Water, Edwin Park and Matt Broaddus, Jonathan Chait, Robert Greenstein, Ezra Klein, David Frum, and Ryan Lizza are essential resources. Happy reading.

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