Which claims is CMS deleting from Medicare and Medicaid data? See this spreadsheet.

I now have a spreadsheet to share. I’m told it originated with ResDAC. I’m assuming they obtained it from CMS. The spreadsheet’s metadata points to a CMS employee and another who used to work at RTI International, a CMS contractor. A partial (I emphasize, partial!) screenshot of the file is at the end of this post.

It lists all the procedure and diagnosis codes that trigger CMS’s deletion of the related claims. Maybe there’s still some ambiguity in that statement, but I can’t say it any more clearly because I don’t know any more than that and what we have posted previously.

My working assumption at the moment is that any claim in Medicare or Medicaid data that has any of the indicated procedures or diagnoses will not appear in research data.

Of course I will update should any more information be made available to me.



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