Science, alcohol, and Tesla

There are a lot of funny Intenet videos out there. But for my money, Drunk History by Funny or Die is one of the best.  The gimmick is that someone gets plastered and then retells some historical event.  The narration is played over famous actors who re-enact the historical vignette.  This one tells the story of the feud between Tesla and Edison:

Science?  Check.  Alcohol?  Check.  Tesla?  Bonus!  What more could you want?  If you know that this series is fake (ie no one is really drunk), don’t spoil it for me.

By the way, if you love Tesla as much as I do – and there’s no good reason for that to be true – I hope you’ve seen The Prestige.  It’s a great movie, in no small part because David Bowie is the most awesome Tesla ever.

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