Meet the new energy independence, same as the old energy independence

I rarely post any clips from the Daily Show or the Colbert Report.  Not because I don’t think they are brilliant, but because they are generally posted about a bazillion times a day without my help.  But I can’t resist this one.  Some time ago I wrote a Huffington Post column on how the rhetoric we were hearing from politicians with respect to what the ACA would do had been said before, again and again and again, without ever coming true.  Last night, Jon Stewart did the same with respect to President Obama’s Oval Office speech on energy independence.  It’s genius:

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An Energy-Independent Future
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This is made even better by the fact that he uses health care and Nixon at the end.  Someone else had that awesome idea at The Huffington Post as well.

And, as a bonus, since I’m breaking my rules, here is a clip from The Colbert Report.  It’s been almost a year, and I think this is still one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.

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